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Bubblegum Seeds

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Purple Kush Autoflowering is an almost pure indica strain known for its eye-catching colors and pleasant taste. It was formed from the cross between two South-Central Asian indica landraces which are Hindu Kush, from the mountainous Pakistan-Afghanistan border, and a purple-tinged variety of Afghani. Its fragrance is subtly spicy, pungent, and earthy but with sweet overtones of grape, typical of Kush varieties. The flavors of Purple Kush on the other hand do not entirely separate from its aroma but it has a distinct taste of skunk, berry, and sandalwood. It is surely a feast for the senses and a perfect mood inducer at night. With just eight weeks growers can look forward to orange and purple bits in their buds which gives a distinctive look for Purple Kush.

A long-lasting, blissful, and powerful effect are to be expected from Purple Kush Auto. This very potent strain induces an opiate-like mind and body high. In effect, it can relieve stress, calm the mind, and provide a full body relaxation that positively leads to a couch-lock. Additionally, because of its body-numbing qualities, Purple Kush Auto is very effective in fading away chronic pain and muscle spasms. It is also recommended for treating mental conditions such as depression and anxiety. And finally, for those who are having trouble gaining weight, this strain might be the right fit as its natural side effect is causing munchies.

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