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Juicy Fruit Seeds

Juicy Fruit Seeds

2 seeds per pk

Juicy Fruit Autoflower is Indica-leaning cannabis that is created by Sonoma Seeds. It is a hybrid with well-balanced physical and mental effects. Juicy Fruit Autoflower THC level can reach up to 20% producing users an upbeat sensation that gives out functionality and social connection. At the same time, it relaxes the body without experiencing sluggishness. Juicy Fruit Autoflower genetics comes from a mix of two natives, the Thai Sativa and Afghani Indica. The foremost is an inheritance from Thailand, which is known for its potent uplifting head refreshing high. The second parent has a heritage of a part of Afghanistan from the perimeters of the Hindu Kush mountain range, which provides total body tranquility leading to a peaceful and sleepy. Its potency has been proven not only for recreational use but also to be medically therapeutic.

Juicy Fruit Autoflower seeds are easy to grow, resilient, and versatile due to their auto-flowering traits. This tall cannabis plant also flowers fast and produces average yields of dense buds. It carries a delicious tang of the juiciest fruits that satisfies you with immense sweetness. By all means, these characteristics make it allure both novice and experienced growers and smokers.

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