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Platinum Cookies-Hybrid-Migraine Killer

Platinum Cookies-Hybrid-Migraine Killer

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Platinum Cookies, also known as "Platinum Girl Scout Cookies," "Platinum GSC," and "PGSC" is a popular hybrid strain and the next evolution of GSC. This Cup-winning hybrid—a cross of OG Kush, Durban Poison, and a third unknown strain—fills your nose and lungs with sweet notes of berry and candy, followed by a fruity spiciness. Patients with severe pain, nausea, swelling, migraines, and stress should look no further for relief as symptoms both physical and mood-related melt away instantly. The Platinum GSC strain flaunts a heavy coat of crystal trichomes over its sage green leaves, assuring its potency to any consumer in doubt.

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    Obtuvo 5 de 5 estrellas.
    Basado en 1 reseña
    1 reseña

    • Liz A Burry29 nov 2023
      Obtuvo 5 de 5 estrellas.
      No lies here

      My husband has been in recovery for a TBI from a car wreck we were in. He was in tears of disbelief after trying this one for the first time. He has this pain in his head that he describes as a searing white hot staple lodged in the left side of his head. It actually made the pain subside. Absolutely will be getting again for him.

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