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Consumption lounge just launched!

The consumption lounge is now open!

4pm, 6pm, & 8pm are available today!

Make ur reservation now!

We are located in Washington, DC!

Text 202-839-0340

🥗🍴11/17 & 11/18 Infused Dinner reservations available $50e

Or unlimited package for $100 includes prerolls of your choice.

Includes: 5 course dinner, drinks, prerolls etc by our Artisanal chef! Brought to you by

🍴Cooking E’leve!

wanna book a party or infused dinner at our new lounge location?

  • 0%yes

  • 0%maybe

🍄Come enjoy all ur favorite infused beverages, flowers, edibles, dab bar, infused meals, & more 🍄🌺💕🍬



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