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Lockdown lush seeds

Lockdown lush seeds

2 seeds

Lockdown Kush Feminized swells with chunky and dense trichome-covered flowers. Multiple colas form a thick canopy that rises above the large, broad leaves below. The progeny of two heavy-hitting parents, Lockdown Kush gets you to the finish line faster with a blazing 55-to-60-day flowering period. Sharp and refreshing citrus aromas strike the nose first, followed by a shot of pungently pine terpenes. The effects start by changing the headspace and then migrate down into the body. This strain has something for everyone.

The growth pattern of Lockdown Kush Feminized

Lockdown Kush Feminized is a sativa-dominant strain, but the 40% indica influence is readily displayed in the plant morphology. This plant features a comprehensive growth structure with sturdy branches familiar to many elite indica strains. Also typical of indica varieties, Lockdown Kush has large fingered leaves, and their size can create micro-climates within the canopy. To avoid these micro-climates and to open bud sites to direct light exposure, this strain benefits from periodic defoliation.

Feminized strains have been bred specifically for gardeners who do not want to identify and cull male plants. Lockdown Kush seeds come as a feminized variety, meaning gardeners will only get female plants from these seeds. The length of the vegetative period, however, is controlled by the gardener. Once Lockdown Kush Feminized is flipped into flower, it is a short 55-to-60-days until the bountiful and beautiful buds are ready for harvesting.

From the time the seedling pokes above the soil to harvesting, Lockdown Kush Feminized is a steady growing plant. The only exception would be the medium stretch it goes through during the beginning of flower. Lockdown Kush finishes as a medium-sized plant. Indoor gardeners see heights of 100 to 150 cm, and outdoor cultivators reach heights over 150 cm.

The compact nature of Lockdown Kush Feminized makes it an ideal candidate for tent gardeners with low ceilings. Short internodal spacing leads to a bushy and dense plant that produces multiple colas supported by sturdy limbs. Yields for Lockdown Kush Feminized average around 450 grams per m2 indoors, while outdoor cultivators see 550 grams and above per plant. Overall, experienced growers can expect medium-sized yields of high-quality buds.

Lockdown Kush Feminized produces buds that are social-media worthy. Chunky buds form into large colas that are surprisingly dense when handled. Green swollen calyxes are nearly hidden by a thick layer of sticky trichomes and amber-coloured pistils. The buds of Lockdown Kush are sure to be admired for their beauty even by the most critical of cannabis connoisseurs.

Both indoor and outdoor gardeners will be able to grow this plant to maturity. Lockdown Kush Feminized will flourish in warm outdoor climates, but it also does well in cooler continental temperatures. This flexibility opens the doors to more growers, although this strain performs best in the hands of experienced gardeners. Lockdown Kush is receptive to most training methods, including SCROG, SOG, Supercropping, and Lollipopping.

Effect, taste, and smell of Lockdown Kush Feminized

Lockdown Kush Feminized is a 60% sativa dominant strain. The sativa characteristics come through clearly in the aromas, flavours and effects. In many ways, the sativa lineage plays a domineering role, but these traits do not entirely bury the influences from the 40% indica side of its heritage.

The effects of Lockdown Kush Feminized begin with a mild sense of euphoria, which can help lift some of the daily worries from a person’s immediate focus. The uplifting nature of the onset is the most identifiable sativa influence on the overall effects. Transitioning from the initial stage of euphoric highs, the headspace settles into a calm and contemplative place as the indica influence begins to work its magic on the body. Soon after, consumers are treated to a muscle relaxing, full-body stone that can melt away mild aches and pains in some cases.

Lockdown Kush Feminized is an appealing smelling plant when finished, and during the growth stages, the scent remains minimal with slight citrus notes. Indoor gardeners may want to consider air filtration if privacy is a priority. Overall, the aromas escaping from the grow room aren’t as prominent as the gassy or skunky terpenes found in some cannabis cultivars.

Once flowers have been properly dried and cured, the aromas of Lockdown Kush turn up the dial. In your face are the astringent and robust citrus terpenes that nearly make the eyes water. Cutting through the background bouquet of aromas, in comes the addition of pungent pine terpenes. The dank and earthy terpenes of Lockdown Kush’s indica lineage are a more subtle but prominent part of the aromatic equation.

Lockdown Kush Feminized has an exquisite terpene profile, making it a unique and special strain for the garden. The flavour journey begins with sweet notes, reminiscent of a delightful slice of cake, which gives away to undertones of earthiness and organic flavours. On the backend of the flavour palate comes an invigorating hint of pine to complete the experience.

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