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Pumpkin Spice seeds

Pumpkin Spice seeds

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About Pumpkin Spice Feminized

Pumpkin Spice is a great choice for growers with limited headroom in the garden. We took two crowd-favourites and weaved them into a tasty treat with a heavenly scent to match. A combination of Sour Apple and Animal Cookies genetics, Pumpkin Spice has a tantalizing profile of spice, sweetness, earth, and, surprisingly, apple.

Gardeners’ love checking the daily progress as this strain flowers and plumps up into long, chunky spears. Add a little Pumpkin Spice to the mix when looking for a strain that is both uplifting and relaxing.

The growth pattern of Pumpkin Spice Feminized

The morphology of Pumpkin Spice Feminized seeds expresses in a traditionally indica way. Plants grow to a finished height that, by many measures, is considered short to medium in stature. Along with the lower stretch, Pumpkin Spice produces a considerable amount of foliage.

Close internodal spacing and heavy foliage make Pumpkin Spice a prime candidate for regular defoliation. It is recommended to have adequate air movement within growing areas to prevent stagnant air pockets in the canopy.

Pumpkin Spice is feminized, so growers do not need to pre-sex plants and has a flowering 63 to 70 days after initiating flowering. These common flowering durations make Pumpkin Spice compatible with growing alongside many other strains in the garden.

Indica influences are front and centre in the shape of Pumpkin Spice. Cultivators often find this strain finishes indoors at a short to medium height of around 90 to 120 cm. This consistent expression makes Pumpkin Spice ideal for small tents and grow boxes. Outdoor gardeners will see a slight boost in the overall height, averaging 100+ cm per plant.

Pumpkin Spice Feminized yields have exceeded expectations for a plant of short stature. Modest yields for indoor gardeners are reported to average 450 grams per m2. Outdoor cultivators in warm climates can achieve over 550 grams per plant. Pumpkin Spice can be grown in various mediums, including soil, coco, hydroponics, and living soils.

Multiple large colas rise above the main body of Pumpkin Spice. Experienced growers will notice that the sativa influence is expressed in the bud formation. Buds grow in an elongated and spear-shaped fashion. Although they are elongated, growers are pleased to discover that the buds are dense and chunky, covering the whole of the central mainstem. The beautiful green foliage of the buds is sparsely covered with rusty-coloured pistils and a layer of sparkling trichomes when fully ripe.

Cultivators in warmer outdoor climates will have the most success growing Pumpkin Spice Feminized seeds. Our new strain prefers a Mediterranean environment to thrive in outdoor gardens. Pumpkin Spice naturally grows bushy and doesn’t require training. However, using the SOG technique takes advantage of the naturally long and spear-shaped buds. Beginner and advanced growers enjoy the ease with which they can grow and maintain Pumpkin Spice.

Effect, taste, and smell of Pumpkin Spice Feminized

Pumpkin Spice Feminized is a 50% indica / 50% sativa blend of genetics that are equally impactful on smell, flavour, and overall effect. Earthy notes on the nose, spice on the tongue and relaxing effects are typical of indica varieties. The sativa genetics impressively contribute sweet scents, fruity tastes, and the uplifting onset of effects to this magnificent new strain.

The journey with Pumpkin Spice Feminized starts as a tingle in the brain. Arriving almost simultaneously is a happy, cerebral embrace, lifting the heaviest of moods. Artists have enjoyed this strain which is said to boost creativity for certain personalities. Smoothly, Pumpkin Spice then shifts gears and engulfs consumers with a wave of relaxation from head to toe. A great way to unwind the day.

During the growth phase of Pumpkin Spice, indoor gardeners will detect a faint odour while inside the growing area. Not fully representative of the final terpene profile, the presence of floral and herbal aromas blend with the room air. As this strain progresses into flowering, the mild and pleasant smell become slightly more pronounced. Outdoors, these scents blend in well with native vegetation.

Prepare for a complex but complementary terpene profile emanating from the dried flowers of Pumpkin Spice. It all begins with a familiar and general smell of sweetness sure to put smiles on faces. Next, the soothing earthy terpenes begin to invite a sense of relaxation to take over with every breath-in of the dried flower. Finally, a rare and enjoyable scent of juicy apple comes in to complete the complex terpene profile of Pumpkin Spice.

Pumpkin Spice Feminized presents a fun and unexpected flavour palette for growers. After being dried and cured, this strain pulls flavours from far and wide into a harmonious and tantalizing concoction. Although its presence isn't noticed by the nose, the tongue will detect an essence of spicy pine flavours. Rounding off the spicy pine element are grounding notes of earthiness and herbal expressions. The unexpected flavour all-star completing Pumpkin Spice is the light, sweet, apple taste.

Did you know?

Animals Cookies is also known as Animal Crackers. It is the progeny of the now legendary Girl Scout Cookies strain that has swept America for over a decade. Animal Cookies is an outcross of GSC and Fire OG.

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