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Honey Mellon Haze seeds

Honey Mellon Haze seeds

About Honey Melon Haze Feminized

An open bag of Honey Melon Haze is like dropping a tropical smelling bouquet in your lap. This special strain's terpene and flavour profile represent the best of each parental line. California Orange Bud and Orange Haze, celebrated for their unmistakable flavour, have been used to create this exquisite new strain. Citrus notes are front and centre on the tongue, giving Honey Melon Haze a stimulating effect. Both indoor and outdoor cultivation is possible for intermediate to experienced growers.

The growth pattern of Honey Melon Haze Feminized

Honey Melon Haze Feminized seeds are a sativa-dominant variety. The sativa dominance is notable in the plant's height and overall growth structure. Expect long lateral branching and large internodal spacing. Honey Melon Haze grows in an open structure, allowing better airflow in and around the canopy without heavy defoliation. The indica influence on the genetics shows itself in the large fan leaves.

Male plants can be undesirable in the garden, feminized seeds like these avoid those worries by only producing female plants. Honey Melon Haze has a quick flowering time not typical of most sativa heavy strains, at just 65 to 70 days. The short flowering time for such a cerebral strain allows the Honey Melon Haze to be grown in combination with other hybrids in home gardens.

Indoor gardeners will need to consider Honey Melon Haze's finished height if overhead space is limited. It is not uncommon for plants to approach 150 to 200 cm indoors under artificial lighting. Outdoors, she grows even larger, reaching heights of 250+ cm. The lean nature of this plant will benefit from support for lateral shoots as the bud-set progresses up until harvest.

Honey Melon Haze is an excellent yielder in various mediums, including soil, coco, hydroponics, and living soils. Gardeners will be pleased by the XL yields from this strain. Harvests frequently weigh 500 to 600 grams per m2 indoors and over 600 grams per plant outdoors.

The sativa influences are again visible when admiring the dried flowers of Honey Melon Haze. An attractive sight, eyes are instantly grabbed by the large, conical, bright, lime-green buds adorning this tall plant. Covering the lime-green landscape is a plethora of bright orange pistils. As one focuses closer on the flowers of Honey Melon Haze, a hearty blanketing of trichomes comes into the picture to complete this herbal masterpiece.

Control over indoor environments is conducive to the year-round cultivation of Honey Melon Haze. Outdoors, growers will need to be in a warm and sunny region, typically referred to as a Mediterranean climate. This strain grows tall; therefore, some form of training is recommended to keep growth in check. Honey Melon Haze is suitable for SCROG, SOG, Supercropping, and Lollipopping training techniques.

Effect, taste, and smell of Honey Melon Haze Feminized

Honey Melon Haze Feminized follows the traditional flavour pallet and terpene profiles associated with sativa varieties. Frequently, fruity, sweet, and citrus profiles fall under that classification, and this strain is no exception. Indeed, a stand-out amongst its peers, Honey Melon Haze throws an explosion of tropical vibes into the mix for your senses.

Effects from Honey Melon Haze have been celebrated for the uplifting and euphoric attitude adjustment. An initial buzz takes hold, creating the mood-altering, cerebral effects that this strain is popular for. As the journey progresses, the buzz shifts from up high, down into the body, creating a comfortable, mild body high to complete the adventure.

Indoor gardeners will be able to catch hints of the evolving terpene profiles from Honey Melon Haze while in the flowering stage. Light, but still present, a sweet citrus smell will consume the airspace in and around the cultivation area. Outdoors, Honey Melon Haze is detectable in the air too, but the refreshing aromas are considered pleasant when compared to some of the pungent skunk varieties.

As the flowers are properly hung-dried and cured, gardeners will be overjoyed with a unique and uplifting terpene profile. Moving closer to the dried flowers, and the eyes begin to mist up from the powerful citrus notes. Sweet and tropical aromas mingle with the citrus to create a third layer of fragrance. Honey Melon Haze rewards gardeners with a rich bouquet of breezy smells.

Honey Melon Haze packs in the flavour from beginning to end. The sharp citrus bite of a freshly peeled orange is the first impression people have come to mind. This influence can be attributed to the California Orange Bud in the genetics. Other sweet citrus notes join in the dance to accentuate the orange flavour. Those with a refined palate can also detect faint traces of pine intertwined with the refreshing citrus notes.

Did you know?

California Orange Bud has also commonly been referred to as Cali-O. The origins are incomplete, but this cultivar came out of the hills of Northern California sometime in the '80s. Long before hype strains were a thing, this classic strain made a lasting impact.

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