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Miles Og -Indica

Miles Og -Indica

It’s said that “8 Miles High” was a song written about a particularly psychedelic strain of marijuana while on a flight to London, and it’s fitting that this little lady would get her name from such a tune. Bred by Mandala Seeds, 8 Miles High was made with two things in mind: easy to grow and easy to love. Certainly, with this cross of two landraces, an Africa Sativa and a North Indian Indica, they have hit the mark. This lemon-lime strain boasts a whopping 16% to 23% level giving it an ultra-high average of 21%. This guarantees users a potent high with the potential for an hours-long experience waxing and waning through creativity, energy, and sharp as tacks focus. Enjoy those effects while savoring the deliciously sweet citrus and berry flavors that are punctuated by sharp strawberry and mint flavors. The aromas are similar with a bit more of that lemon and lime zest on the nose. The buds are almost greasy with resin and are brightly colored with rich orange hairs and a frosting of white trichomes.

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