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New Strains .. & more!

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

When it comes to finding the best deals, it’s always a good idea to explore different options and compare prices.. We guarantee our quality & customer service!

-The Townhouse Uptown!

Our newest strains...

Khalifa Kush, also known as "KK," "Wiz Khalifa" "Kalifa Kush," and "Wiz Khalifa OG," is a hybrid weed strain that was bred specifically for the rap artist Wiz Khalifa. Khalifa Kush is 21% THC, making it an ideal weed strain for experienced consumers. Khalifa Kush is believed to descend from an unknown OG strain.

Runtz is a rare sativa strain to find, so not much is known to-date about its THC and CBD averages. However, reviewers enjoy its sweet, fruity, candy-like scent and taste as well as its spectrum of color. Runtz derives its name from the candy as it has a colorful appearance as well as a flavor profile that’s sugary-sweet.

While Runtz’s terpene profile gives it a scent that’s been described as sweet like the candy, it also bears hints of tropical citrus and wood. The flavor profile of Runtz doesn’t stray far from its name or scent as it’s also quite sweet and leaves a tropical yet earthen aftertaste. When you lay your eyes on a well-cultivated batch of Runtz buds, you’ll be able to pick out colors beyond green such as various hues of purples and blues, along with orange pistils and shades of greens in between.

Reviewers have reported Runtz’s ability to create a high that’s both euphoric and relaxing, so effects are often felt in both the head and body. Anxiety may recede along with stress, and bodily ailments such as mild aches and pains may find relief with this strain.

Runtz comes from crossing Zkittlez and Gelato. There are a few phenotypes of Runtz out there so it’s possible to find either a sativa-dominant or indica-dominant hybrid strain of Runtz.

Peach Crescendo is an Indica leaning hybrid strain that was first bred by Ethos Genetics. Chem D is first crossed by i95, then crossed with the child of Mandarin Cookies and Peach Rings. Leaning slightly on the Indica side, this 60/40 split is a pain-relieving powerhouse according to its fans.

With THC levels that can reach up into the low thirties in some batches, reviewers describe as producing heavy, full-bodied effects that begin with a euphoric state of mind and happiness. As the high of Peach Crescendo starts to settle in on the body, reviewers describe a narcotic-like body buzz that washes over them, leaving them stuck on the couch. Most reported that their appetite also increases when consuming Peach Crescendo, so prepare for the munchies. Some said they enjoy this strain's ability to help with insomnia, recommending it for night or evening use. Reports of chronic pain and anxiety subsiding were also common. Peach Crescendo is not something for inexperienced users, and careful attention to one's setting and amount of consumption is recommended.


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